Life at SZABLC

1.      The Student shall faithfully abide all rules and regulations of the Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto law college and shall always keep the banner high.

2.      The Student shall never indulge in any activity, which may lower the reputation, dignity of the college.

3.      The Student shall not indulge in anti-social activities and shall abstain from creating dissension and hatred.

4.      The students shall not make assemblies / protests / rallies without prior written permission from SZABLC Administration.

5.      The Student shall respect senior students and teachers.

6.      The Student shall always be clean in thoughts and actions.

7.      The Student shall always be courteous, kind and well behaved.

8.      The Student shall study seriously and regularly.

9.      After taking admission in this college, the student will not leave college, submit request for transfer certificate on any reason.

10.  The Student shall undertake that if he/she would not continue further education in this institution, he/she shall pay all the remaining dues till final year with 10% increase per year.

11.  The Student shall undertake that he/she will not engaged with any job and shall not engage himself / herself in any job till completion of my degree.

12.  If he/she found violated any regulation, the college shall be authorized to take any legal action against him / her for the recovery of outstanding fees.

13.  The Student shall maintain 75% attendance, in case he/she failed, college shall reserve the right to restrain him/her from appearing in the final semester examination, even till the time of issuance of admit card.


14.  The Student shall maintain protocol of the ministry of health regarding pandemics and other transmitted diseases.

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